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  • Blog Post and Technology in Education

    Check out Ms. Narrow's latest blog post found in the Quick Links section. As educators, we are encouraged to reflect on our practice regularly. Blogging and posting online is one way to connect with others involved in academics.

    This is also a great way for our students to reflect on their own learning and self-assess. With six of our teachers enrolled in eMINTs professional development this year, many of our students will be encouraged to use technology ever more extensively in their learning. This may include blog posts, tweeting, or using other forms of social media. Don't be surprised if your child begins to discuss such terms as forums, tweets, or blogs.

    We are cognizant that digital devices are interwoven into our society and our students are familiar with many of the hardware and programs that are being used. Our teachers are committed to preparing our scholars for their future careers by allowing them to become familar with the use of technology and programs that are available today. 


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