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  • There has been some confusion regarding what style of bag can be used at PCMS this year. The type of bag that has been approved is a Chromebook case with a shoulder strap. In some communication this has been referred to as a Messenger Style bag.

    This is a picture of an acceptable type of bag. Please contact the office at (573) 547-7500 ext. 331 if you have any additional questions. 

    Our 2019-2020 Student Handbook states the following on other types of bags:

    Textbooks, Binders, Book bags, Backpacks, and Purses

    Hall locker are no longer assigend for our students' use. All necessary textbooks are issued to each student as a home set. Since textbooks do not have to be carried for classes, students should use a binder for transporting their supplies and assignments to/from school and each classroom.

    If a student has a need for bringing a string bag, purse, book bag or backpack, s/he will be required to store it during the day in her/his CT classroom or as arranged with another teacher.

    Girls' use of purses should be kept to a minimum, and should be small. In special situations, if a parent feels their student needs a locker, the parent should contact Mr. Wick or Mrs. Tripp to discuss the matter. Athletes will be assigned a gym locker and lock during their participation period.

    The school is not responsible for items a student may keep or leave in the gym locker room or classrooms.


    Acceptable for Chrombook

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  • Middle School Orientation

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    OFFICE HOURS: 7:00 - 4:00

    P.C.M.S. PHONE: (573) 547-7500

    FAX NUMBER: (573) 547-1962

    Principal:  Mr. Milt Wick, (573) 547-7500 ext. 333
    Assistant Principal:  Mrs. Carrie Tripp, (573) 547-7500 ext. 332

    Principal's Secretary:
    Amber Buerck, ext. 333,
    Asst. Principal's Secretary:  
    Angela Pfaff, ext. 332,
    Ext. 375

    We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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