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    This school year has seen many changes for me.  I have finally settled into a house.  My husband and I are building a log home.  I love it but it is very stressful.  It will be awesome when it is complete because I will go from living in a 500 foot cabin to a 1700 square foot home.  My new log home is still not finished; but it is nearly completion.  My husband and I are finishing it ourselves.  The log home has no drywall at all.  It is completely all wood and barn metal.  In fact it is rusty barn metal for the ceilings in two of the rooms.  
    I have polyurerthaned the majority of the walls and ceilings myself.  My kitchen cabinets are made of barn wood which is over a 100 years old.  Needless to say that I have no free time at all.
    We did take a Saturday off and went floating on the 11 point river.  The river is very pretty. The conservation owns both sides of the river.  The river is a very clean river.  There was only one spot to where we crashed the canoe. I ended up with majoring bruising; but lived to tell about it. 
    I first went to college and got a degree in Business Administration and History.  

       I went back to SIU-C and earned another degree in Special Education.  I  am on my 20th  year of teaching.  My 18th year at Perryville.  I thought that "pushing papers" was not for me , so I decided to go into teaching.  How little did I know that teachers push just as many papers.  Time has allowed me to teach a variety of classes in the special education field. Up until three years ago, I was with the math department.   I am now teaching  with the History Department. I  work with Mr. Broeking and Ms. Bailey  in Governmentand Mr. Broeking with World  History.  The time periods that interest me the most is the Civil War and World War II.    In 2003, I earned a Masters Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Studies in Education through Webster University.
    I have learned many new talents this year.  Mrs Shultz, the FACS teacher has taught me how to crochet a scarf.  I have made several  of them now.  I find it very enjoying and relaxing.  This type of crocheting anybody can do.  If I can do it, I know that anybody can learn this. This made me realize that it is the instruction or method in how you teach something as to whether the student will be able to understand what you want.  Sometimes you must show and let them try to complete it on there own.  Through this method, I have realized that I must see, hear and actually touch it to be able to learn a new task.

    I have found out that demolition is more fun than putting the pieces back together.  I have also learned that having too many irons in the fire does not produce finished products, but only ones that are in progress.
     I help with the after school tutoring program twice a week,  I also spend time working  with a group of students who have joined the Friends of Education Club. I also help Mrs. Shultz out with FACS when she needs it.  I have realized that I enjoy a variety of different areas now in the school realm.