• Mrs. Derickson’s Homework Policy


    Dear Parents,


            Welcome to Second Grade!  I am really excited to be working with your child this year.  We will be learning many new concepts and skills this year that will take extra practice.  I want to let you know a few things about homework this year.  Your child will be expected to take responsibility for his/her homework this year.  Homework helps a child practice what has been taught in the classroom or to build on a thematic unit we may be working on.

            I will be assigning homework Monday thru Thursday.  If it is necessary, homework may be assigned on Friday evening.  Any homework not completed in class is to be considered homework.  This is a transition year where your child should be encouraged to study and complete homework independently or with minimal help.  Your child will be receiving math worksheets for homework. Your child will also be expected to study his/her spelling words each evening and be ready for a spelling test on Friday.  Another responsibility of your child will be to read for at least 15 minutes Monday thru Thursday.  Research has shown that with only 15 minutes of reading time outside the classroom, all readers can be brought to grade level or beyond.  Together we can help our children be successful!

            Your child may also be assigned reading, writing, social studies, science, or spelling homework.

            I expect your child to do homework independently and to ask for help only after giving it his/her best effort.  If your child has difficulty with the assignment, please write me a short note explaining what you think the problem might be.  PLEASE CHECK OVER ALL YOUR CHILD’S WORK AND HAVE HIM/HER TO CORRECT ANY MISTAKES.  PLEASE INITIAL YOUR CHILD’S HOMEWORK ONCE HE/SHE HAS CORRECTED IT.  I have found that immediate feedback helps children in understanding their mistakes.  By working together we can help your child do his/her best job.

            Homework should always go home and be returned in the designated “My Take Home Folder”.  I will be handing this folder out on the first day of school.  It should always stay in your child’s backpack.  Please check your child’s folder every evening.  Homework is due when your child enters the classroom in the morning.

            Unfinished homework will be made up at recess time.  Your child is required to write in his/her planner anytime he/she has a missing assignment (this includes the reading planner being signed).  Four missed assignments in a month will result in a discipline form.  Once again, it is vitally important that we work together to make sure that your child develops the study habits that will be needed in later grades.  I encourage you to praise your child for the homework efforts put forth each night.  I believe that words of support are a great way to motivate a child to do well.

            Please read this and review it with your child.  Thank you so much for your cooperation in the education of your child!



                                                                    Mrs. Derickson