District 32 celebrates its professional workforce made up of people dedicated to providing a safe, efficient and educational environment for students. Our staff care for our students and one another. Each week, we will highlight members of our staff in this Spotlight. 

Tina Berkbuegler


As the Day Custodian of the Primary Building my main role is to take care of the cafeteria which includes helping out all the children with whatever they need as well as clean up after they are done. I try to go above and beyond to whatever any of the staff need throughout the day. 

I absolutely love working with the staff, but I truly love all the kids, just greeting them in the morning with a smile, melts my heart, and makes a great day!

Life after school is time with my husband Terry, I have two children including my daughter Carrie who lives in Columbia, Mo. and my son Jason who lives in Perryville with his wife Kelsey and son Rowan. And we are expecting another grand baby in May. Things I love to do is read books, work in my flower beds, and love spending time with my grandson!

Rudy Schmidt


I am a custodian at District 32. My duties include mopping, sanitizing, cleaning bathrooms and mirrors, sweeping, scrubbing, vacuuming and stocking supplies. My favorite job is mopping. 

When I’m not at work, I enjoy visiting friends and family, driving the Gator, and going on outings.

Michael Gilmer

Custodial Manager

I am the custodial manager at District 32. I manage the custodians who work in the district to ensure that all of our buildings are clean and well-maintained. 

My favorite part of the job is meeting different people in our schools and community. I enjoy seeing the kids who come to school with smiles on their faces each day, and working with our teachers. 

My wife Jamie and I have been married for 26 years. We have three dogs, three cats, and a guinea pig. I care for my wife, who is disabled. My hobbies are camping, mowing grass, and taking care of our animals.

David Sutterer, Jr. 


I work as a custodian at Perryville Elementary School. I keep the classrooms clean; I mop, dust and scrub, clean restrooms and take out trash. My favorite is to clean the windows. I like to make sure everything is done correctly and on time each day. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy riding my Ranger, and watching sports. My favorite sport to watch is NASCAR. I also enjoy visiting with my family.

Lisa Pfeiffer


I work at D32 as an evening custodian at Perry County Middle School. I keep the sixth and seventh-grade areas clean, sanitized and trash-free. I get the greatest work out every day! The best part of my job is working with my friend and co-worker Bonnie Tanz, who has been with District 32 for 30 years. 

“My husband Doug and I have been married 13 years. We love to travel, sometimes on the motorcycle. Gardening, landscaping, and antiquing are some of my hobbies. I’m hoping to do more camping soon.

Rita Ford


I am an evening custodian at Perry County Middle School. I clean the new building and the gym. My job duties are to disinfect, sweep, mop and maintain a clean environment for students and staff. 

I like working with fellow custodians. I also like being a part of the D32 family. The one think I like the most is knowing that I play a part in giving our kids a clean place to learn and grow educationally.

I am a mom to two wonderful boys, Malachi and Micah. I am also a wife to a man I am glad to not only call my best friend but also my husband of almost 22 years. In my time away from work, I enjoy spending time with my mom who lives in Dexter. I also like to crochet and do other arts and crafts. Most importantly, I love spending time with my family.

Marion Bahr


I am a custodian at Perryville Elementary School. My duties are to clean the building -- floors, bathrooms, classrooms, and hallways. I most enjoy the interactions between my coworkers, teachers and staff. I like having a feeling of accomplishment and of making a difference.  In my spare time, I keep busing with antiquing and day travels, and going out to eat. I enjoy reading, watching movies, and keeping up with my  nieces and nephews.

Kari Bryant


I am a custodian at Perry County Middle School. My duties include cleaning offices and the lounge, and supervising breakfast and lunch. In the cafeteria, I help serve students and do dishes and clean up after meals. 

The best part of my job is watching the kids grow and succeed from middle school through high school. I enjoy working with the middle school and cafeteria staff. 

I am an engaged mother of three -- Chance, Alyssa and Adalyn. I enjoy the outdoors and spending time with my family.

Leonard Schumer


I am a custodian at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center and Central Office, and I deliver the campus mail. I keep classrooms, offices, restrooms and the gym clean and safe for students. I also help at the primary center when they need help. 

The best part of my job is the friendly people I work with. 

I love going to as many home Pirate sporting events as I can. My hobbies are watching movies and classic old TV shows. I also like classic rock from the 1960s.

Thomas Canter

Automotive Technology Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

I am the Automotive Technology Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center. During this two-year program students will learn basic automotive maintenance, diagnostics, electrical systems and automotive concepts. Students will have the opportunity to use the knowledge they learn by working on vehicles. 

The best part of my job is instructing my students on how a system on an automobile works and then seeing them properly diagnose and fix it. Also, the technology on vehicles has greatly evolved and being able to show this to my students and see their excitement is awesome.  

My wife and I have two sons, Sam and Jacob. We enjoy taking them out West every summer to enjoy the mountains, hiking, national parks and spending time as a family. Every Memorial Day weekend you will find me at the Indy 500, I have attended 30 times! I am also active with my sons Boy Scout Troop.”

Sherry Stief

Student Services Coordinator

As a Student Services Coordinator at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center, my primary role is to provide supportive assistance to career and technical education (CTE) students. I may help students overcome personal issues that interfere with their academic development. I coordinate career exploration events at the Career and Technical Center to help students in exploring and planning career options.  I maintain a database of student schedules and academics. 

I also assist students wishing to pursue a CTE Certificate.

I love when our students come back to visit and are excited and proud to share what they have learned or accomplished after graduation. They have taken what they have learned at the Career & Technology Center and applied it to real world experiences. It makes me feel like we did make a difference!

My husband and I have 2 children. We love to travel. I enjoy going camping and to find a watering hole to soak up the sun, and I enjoy reading a good book

Stan Cook

Digital Media Technology Instructor and PVTV Supervisor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

As the Digital Media Technology Instructor and PVTV Local Cable Access Supervisor, my role is helping students create digital media, whether it is interviews, music videos, public service announcements, animations, news casts, podcasts, documentaries or mini films.

My hobbies include collecting old film/photography equipment, making walking sticks, working in my green house, and welding.”

Jamie Miller

Agriculture Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

As an Agriculture Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center, my role is to teach students about the agriculture industry. Also, I advise students who join our local Perryville FFA Chapter with various events and competitions. Additionally, I am a member of Perryville Young Farmers and Young Farm Wives.

The best part of my job is watching students exceed their own expectations, whether it be grasping a new concept or excelling in a Career Development Event at an FFA contest. This not only inspires and motivates me, but other students around them and new heights continue to be reached.

My husband and I have two dogs and five race cars. I love to travel, watch my husband race, and run a driver development program for other young racers. I have recently picked up a hobby of growing succulents and other household plants.”

Kimberley Bock

Embedded Technical Math and English Educator at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

As the Embedded Technical Math and English Educator at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center, my primary role is to assist each program instructor in preparing our students for the next step in their journey.  Students gain computer literacy and job readiness skills while exploring employment opportunities. Job and post-secondary searches lead to a better understanding of the behaviors and skills required to become financially responsible. I am also the SkillsUSA lead advisor for the district. SkillsUSA, formerly known as VICA, is a career and technology student organization which gives the students an avenue to showcase skills they have acquired while attending the career center. In addition, I administer high-stake testing for national career certifications and college placement exams, such as ACT WorkKeys and Accuplacer.

The best part of my job is watching students enter our building as a student and leave as a confident adult.

I am married to Shaun Bock. We are approaching our 30th anniversary and have two adult children. Allyson is married to Chase Steffens and they are currently stationed in North Carolina. She is a practicing Occupational Therapist. Austin resides locally and works for Davis Farm Supply. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends and newly adopted shelter dog.”  

Lance Menard

Industrial Technology Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

As the Industrial Technology instructor I educate students on technology used in today’s industry. In my class students learn how to design parts on the computer using CAD software for 3D printing and CNC machining. They also learn welding, machining, robotics/drones and renewable energy. 

With this being a two-year program the best part is watching the students grow into young adults. Some students come in to the program having never worked in a shop then I get to watch them create incredible things and show their talents they never knew they had.

I am a graduate of PHS. I am first generation farmer during the summer months, I sell at various farmers markets in the area, and I also enjoy fishing during my free time.”

Sharon Buehler

Teacher Assistant at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

As the teacher assistant in Embedded Credit and Career Skills classroom at Perryville Area Career and Technology Center, I have enjoyed working with students to help them acquire the skills they need to enter the next step of their journey. Whether it is their goal to attend a trade school, college, military, or enter the work force after high school, we give them the tools they need to help them succeed. While in our class, we help the students prepare a professional portfolio which includes their resume, cover letter, references, and a letter of recommendation as well as certificates they have earned in Embedded Credit and their individual career center class. We also have our students take the WorkKeys Assessment which tests them in 3 areas: Math, Graphic Literacy, and Workplace Documents. They can earn a nationally-recognized certificate which spotlights their work-ready skills.

I really enjoy working with our students and my great co-workers. Everyone at the Career Center is dedicated to student success which makes it a wonderful place to be. The best part of my job is seeing our students excited about their future and understanding there are no limits on what they can achieve.

I enjoy reading, being outside, going motorcycle riding with my husband, and singing praise music. I have been married to Steve for 33 years and we have 2 sons: Colt and Dalton. Steve and I are excited as we now also have a daughter-in-law, Nikole, a granddaughter, Scarlett, and a soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Tara. God has totally blessed my life!”

Alissa Ernst

Graphic Design Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

I am the Graphic Design Instructor at Perryville Area Career and Technology Center. I work to teach students how to communicate effectively by building graphic designs using Adobe design software. We then use these designs to provide hands-on training for screen printing, embroidery, vinyl decals, stationery printing, and binding as we work with real-world clients. My ultimate goal is to help prepare students to enter the world of work by learning design and production skills.

I love watching my students grow into designers and build confidence in themselves. When they are proud of a project they created and can’t wait to show their family and friends, that the absolute best part of my job.

I am married to Adam Ernst, my high school sweetheart. Both my husband and I attended Perryville Area Career and Technology Center in high school and have jobs in the field we studied. I have worked in the design field for 13 years prior to becoming an Instructor and have a passion for it and to share my knowledge with others. We have two daughters, Kali and Kayda. In my free time I enjoy volleyball, hunting, boating, UTV riding, camping, kayaking and canoeing. I love the outdoors and being adventurous with family and friends.


Karla Besand

Early Childhood Professionals Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

In my role as Early Childhood Professionals Instructor at the Perryville Area Career and Technology Center, I have the privilege of teaching and working with juniors and seniors from 6 different schools who aspire to work in the educational field or any field involving young children.  I am able to share my experiences as a veteran teacher and assist my students in choosing a career path that best fits them. It is important to me to be a positive role model to my students and provide them with a classroom community.  I serve on our professional development committee and my course advisory committee.

The best part of my job is the light bulb moments. It’s those moments when you’ve taught something and they see it happen or they fully understand the concept and the light bulb comes on.  I can see the “connection” in their eyes. Another great part of my job is hearing the excitement in my students’ voices when they come back from the early childhood classrooms.  They have amazing experiences and the best stories to share.

My husband, James, and I have 2 adult children, 2 pups, 2 cats and several chickens.  Traveling to visit our kids is at the top of our enjoyment list.  I like working with inside and outside plants and getting my hands dirty.  In the summer, I spend lots of time in my butterfly garden encouraging the monarchs and bees to visit.  Reading and cooking are a few of my hobbies. Being in nature and watching the sun rise are a few of my favorite things to do.

Carl Burr

Auto Collision Repair Technology Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

As the Auto Collision Technology instructor at Perryville Area Career and Technology Center, I teach collision repair, refinish systems, frame repair, I-Car, ASE, and Audatex estimating programs, as well as life skills. I am also a Skills-USA advisor. I most enjoy helping our students select a career or educational path. I place much emphasis on assisting our students develop lifelong employment traits, i.e. how can they become good, profitable employees. I have remained active in my profession, assisting many body shop owners and employees with their collision repair, and advising them with understanding the estimating programs they subscribe to. I enjoy spending time with my children(although grown) and grandchildren. I do love working on my hot-rods, fishing, gardening, occasionally making hay, and attending church.

Beverly Koenig

Health Occupations Instructor at Perryville Area Career & Technology Center

I am the Health Occupation Instructor at Perryville Area Career and Technology Center. I teach students the skills that are needed to become certified as a nurses aide. I also inform them of the numerous roles in the healthcare industry, not just nursing. The students are also instructed in Medical Terminology and are able to be dual enrolled at Mineral Area College. 

The very best part of my job is assisting the students career plan for the medical/nursing field. I also love to see these young people become so excited when they are finally able to go into the field and practice the skills they were taught in the classroom.

I am married to Gene Koenig, have three children-Kristen Canter, Justin Koenig and Lindsey Pohlman. I have 8 beautiful grandchildren that are the light of my life.