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Perry County Veterans are the Grand Marshals of PHS Homecoming Parade

All local veterans invited - you don't have to be a PHS graduate

The 2022 Homecoming Parade Grand Marshals

are ALL Perry County Veterans, selected by the

Alumni Association in recognition of their

devotion to their community and country.

Eric Buchheit, president of the association,

said that veterans exemplify what it means to

be a Pirate. “The updated Belief Statement for

District 32 speaks of valuing our rich traditions,

achieving excellence through collaboration,

and that our district should set the standard

for excellence, inclusivity, diversity and

positive culture so everyone can reach their

full potential. That’s our veterans – they set

the standard of excellence in these things for

our community and our nation. We considered

choosing a single veteran to represent this

idea but soon decided to invite all of our vets

to be our Grand Marshals.”

You do not have to be a PHS graduate to ride

the Grand Marshal wagons. Please park at

Perryville Elementary School at 605 Schindler

Road in Perryville to board the wagons

between 8:45-9:15 am. The wagons will move

to the City Park promptly at 9:15 am. All

veterans who sign in will receive a certificate of

recognition from Perry County School District


The Old Senior High will be open from 10 am to

12 pm for our Grand Marshals and visitors to

socialize, with light refreshments available.

Parade leaves park at 10 am 

The Perryville High School Alumni

Association will host the annual

PHS Homecoming Parade at 10

am Saturday, October 15, 2022.

Anniversary classes and other

parade participants are asked to

line up at Perryville City Park

beginning at 9 am, and the parade

will leave City Park at 10 am.

Alumni classes should look for

their class marker located on the

right side of the road inside the

park (every 5 years is marked,

other classes park between

anniversary classes); no

registration is necessary. All

community parade participants

should gather in the tennis court

parking lot with walking units at

the front and vehicles at the rear;

no registration is necessary. No

political, drug/alcohol, entries are

allowed in the parade. There will

be no cash prizes for homecoming

floats; there have been too few

float entries in recent years to

continue the awards.

Old Senior High Open

This year’s PHS Homecoming Parade Grand Marshals are the

Veterans of Perry County. All local veterans are invited to ride

at the head of the Homecoming Parade on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Veterans can board wagons to go to City Park between 8:45

and 9:15 am Saturday, Oct. 15 at Perryville Elementary School.

Please park on the lots nearest the gymnasium. Your wagons

will return to the PES parking lot where your cars are parked.

The Old Senior High, located at 400 Edwards Street in

Perryville, will be open from 10 am to Noon for Homecoming

on Oct. 15, 2022. This will allow the Grand Marshals, our local

veterans, and other visitors time to socialize following the

parade. The Alumni Association will provide light

refreshments during this open house.

Pirates vs. Blackcats

The Pirates, under the direction of Coach Brent Roth, will host

the Herculaneum Blackcats for the Homecoming Football

Game at 1 pm. The PHS Homecoming King and Queen will be

crowned at halftime, and the PHS Marching Band will perform

their field show. The current forecast is perfect for a parade

and football game, with a high of 72 and mostly sunny.

Sign up for Pirate Pride e-newsletter

Be sure to stop by the Alumni

Association table during the

Homecoming Football Game to sign

up for the Pirate Pride enewsletter.

This publication will

provide a monthly look at what's

happening at District 32. The first

500 people to register for the

newsletter can choose a Pirate

spirit item. Choices include

wristbands, shirts, mugs, and

sports bags.

Homecoming 2023

Next year's Homecoming is set for Saturday, Oct. 21, 2023. 

Can you help?

We need additional volunteers on Homecoming Day. If you're

willing to lend a hand to help make this a great event for

students, alumni and our community, please email our Alumni

liaison Kate Martin at

The jobs we need to fill are:

  • Installing the parade class year stakes at City Park before 8 am on Homecoming morning, Saturday, Oct. 15
  • Judges for the High School class floats at 11:30 am on the football field
  • Two volunteers to work at the Paver Garden sales & giveaway table from 11 am to 1 pm at the football field
  • Two volunteers to work at the Pirate Pride newsletter registration and giveaway table from 11 am to 1 pm at the football field

Phone calls leads to new Alumni feature: Where Are You Now?

An alumnus contacted the liaison

office last week to update his

address for the Class of 1951, and

gave permission to share some of

his memories of PHS.

Mr. Norman Loebs, 91, married

Bernice Popp (Class of 1950). He

worked at Lever Bros. in St. Louis for

30 years, and has recently

celebrated his 30th anniversary of

being retired. He and Bernice had

two daughters, Caroline and Kathy.

Bernice passed away in 2019, and

Norman still lives in St. Louis.

He said he can still see himself

clearly at Perryville High School,

when the only buildings on the

District 32 campus were the Senior

High (now the Old Senior High

where the Central Office is located)

and the Agriculture Building (which

is now the maintenance

department). His principal was Mrs.

Esther Huber, Mr. Heflin taught

advanced English, and Mr. Fatchett

taught PE and coached. Norman

was in FFA and Glee Club at

Perryville High School. He recalls

attending football games with Rob

Roy as an All-Star quarterback, and

remembers all of his classmates


He shared memories of Perry

County, too. Bernice lived in Frohna

but hey couldn’t talk on the phone

Phone call leads to new Alumni feature

because the neighborhood ladies listened in on conversations on

the party line. He spoke of local places like Mercier’s Theater, City

Tavern, Elder’s Barbershop, Prevallet Jewelry Store and Young’s

Funeral Home.

Norman and Bernice traveled extensively after they retired, taking

9 cruises and 13 bus tours. The most memorable was a European

trip on the Concord that included visiting the Eiffel Tower,

Buckingham Palace, taking the bullet train under the Channel from

England to France, and returning to America on the QEII.

Unfortunately, the ship sailed into 90-foot waves caused by

Hurricane Louise. Norman does not recommend that experience.

Norman now lives in a retirement community where he is thrilled

to enjoy happy hour every evening where they serve Budweiser.

This conversation with Mr. Loebs inspired us to create a “Where

Are You Now?” form so we can highlight you, our Perryville High

School alumni, and what you’ve been up to since graduating PHS.

Pop in and let us know what you’ve been up to! Stories will be

shared periodically on the Alumni Association Facebook page at