Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the department of Special Services to provide equal access to, and an opportunity to

    benefit from an appropriate educational program for each child within the district regardless of

    handicapping condition. The handicap must never serve as an excuse for failure, but rather as a

    challenge to be met through special methods, materials, and techniques, but above all, through special

    effort on the part of the student and staff. The services available are intended by design to afford the

    student the opportunity to make educational gains dependent upon the individual ability of the student

    irrespective of any handicapping condition which may exist. The Special Services personnel shall strive

    to maintain the flexibility of the programs essential to meeting the individual needs of the youth we

    serve. To this end, they recognize the need to collaborate with the regular teachers, the administrators,

    the parents, and the community to maximize the strengths and minimize the effect of the student’s


    Please contact us at:
    Office of Special Services
    Director Stacey Seabaugh 
    Perry County School District 32
    326 College St., Perryville, MO 63775
    573-547-7500 Ext. 340