• Perryville Pirate Pride Initiative
    • We have been organizing and recruiting volunteers to serve.  We want as much input/feedback as possible.
    • We will evaluate every aspect of what we do.
    • We want to identify strengths/weaknesses and then have a plan of action.
    • Volunteers will choose what committee they wish to serve.
    • Kick-off October 19 at High School Library - 7 p.m.
    • 3-4 meetings under direction of chairpersons.
    • Preliminary report completed by December 7th meeting.
    • Board of Education approves in January or February.
    • Meet again in March to discuss future plans/actions.

    • Increased pride in our schools due to involvement and teamwork of identifying issues.
    • Improved programs for our children.
    • Improved perception and reputation by members of the community.
    • Better educational opportunities for all students.