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    Mr. Garris

    Mr. Garris

    Grade: 9-12

    Class: Auto Collision Technology

    Co-Teaching: Industrial Engineering Technology

    Career Center CC-11

    Phone Ext: 279 

    Email: agarris@pcsd32.com


    Auto Collision is a 2 year program that is designed to help students develop the skills necessary to obtain an entry-level position in the auto collision industry and or continue their education at a college or university.



    Industrial Engineering and Technology introduces a broad range of knowledge, skills and challenges which are designed to provide a broad understanding of Engineering & Technology.  Students will be provided the opportunity to investigate and explore industrial interest, aptitudes and abilities within a broad range of career areas and real-world problems in practical applications.  Starting with a foundational investigation of the engineering design process, students explore how their world is affected by Engineering and Technology.  From robotics to biomedical engineering, the content will engage students.  Students collaborate on projects and build critical 21st Century and College and Career Readiness skills.  This course will include a series of lectures, demonstrations, group and individual activities.