Safe Schools

Code of Conduct for Students, Staff & Visitors

The Board of Education believes in and fosters a safe and orderly environment for all students, staff and visitors. Therefore, the Board has established a code of conduct for parents, patrons and visitors on school premises and at school activities. All parents, patrons and visitors will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner reflective of a positive role model for children. Public displays contrary to this expectation as provided in Regulation 1431 of the Board Policy Manual will result in sanctions that will limit a person's access to school activities and school premises. The following regulations are enacted with respect to the conduct of adult visitors:

1. Verbally aggressive behavior, which would include, but not be limited to, threats, intimidation and profanity, will result in limited access to school premises and school activities for up to one (1) year. The Superintendent of Schools will determine the length of the restriction.

2. Physical or violent behavior will result in a ban by the Board of Education from school premises and activities and will be referred to law enforcement.

3. Failure to comply with the restricted access provided in these regulations will result in the filing of civil and/or criminal charges.

Prohibition Against Firearms and Weapons

The presence of firearms and weapons poses a substantial risk of serious harm to District students, staff and community members. Therefore, possession of firearms and weapons is prohibited on school premises at all times except for law enforcement officials. As used in this policy, the phrase school premises includes all District buildings, grounds, vehicles and parking areas. This prohibition also extends to the sites of school activities, whether or not those school activities are conducted on District property. (See Board Policy 1432 for additional information).

Tobacco-Free, Drug-Free District

To promote the health and safety of all students and staff and to promote the cleanliness of all facilities, the District bans the use of all tobacco products in all school facilities, buildings, buses and on all school grounds at all times. The District also strictly prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on school premises or as a part of school activities.

This ban extends to all employees, students and patrons attending school-sponsored athletic events and meetings.

Community Solicitation

As a patron, if you are approached by an individual soliciting funds, selling a product or selling advertising space for a publication indicating they represent Perry County School District No. 32, and you desire verification that they do represent our school district, please call the Board Office at 547-7500, extension 500 and we will be glad to provide you with that information.