Welcome to the Volunteer Program!Thank you for your commitment to our school!

Volunteers are a vital part of the district’s success! Volunteers provide a valuable service to our school, giving their time, talent, commitment, and energies to serving the school community. In the Perry County School District No. 32 we particularly appreciate the way in which volunteers enrich and enhance the curriculum by:

  • Increasing the quality and diversity of academic and recreational programs.
  • Extending services through staff and volunteers working as a team.
  • Lowering student: tutor ratios.
  • Providing feedback to teachers and administrators.

People volunteer for a variety of reasons. Whatever your reason is, we’re grateful that you’ve chosen to be a part of our school community. We look forward to having you share your time, talents, and energy for the good of our students. Research from the Parent Institute has shown that students with involved parents are more likely to:

Earn higher grades and test scores Pass their classes, earn credits, and be promoted Attend school regularly Have better social skills, show good behavior, and adapt well to school Graduate and go on to further education

We hope your association with District 32 students and staff is rewarding. The following information and guidelines will help familiarize you with the Perry County School District No. 32.

Purpose of the Volunteer Program

The purpose of volunteers at our school is to assist in every way possible in the best interest of the students. This purpose shall be accomplished under the direction of the teacher you are helping.


All volunteers must undergo a criminal background check before entering the District 32 Volunteer Program, as part of our commitment to protecting our students.

Click here to download the Background Check Form.


For those of us working with children and in schools, the importance of maintaining a student’s privacy cannot be stressed enough. Student educational records are not shared with volunteers without the consent of a student’s parent or guardian. By spending time in the schools, volunteers may see and hear things about students’ work and behavior that need to remain confidential. As an education community, we must be committed to keeping what we see and hear to ourselves.

Volunteers should never ask students personal questions that will invade their rights to privacy; however, listen without judgment if they wish to share with you. Respect the confidentiality of any information a student may share with you; however, if it is a safety or at-risk issue, please share this information with the child’s teacher.

Students deserve the assurance and certainty that their private information, as well as general information about their work and behavior, will remain confidential. Because of this, all volunteers working in the schools are required to adhere to an agreement of confidentiality. By signing the Volunteer Registration Form, you are agreeing to abide by this agreement of confidentiality.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer in our school, please contact one of the school offices at 573-547-7500 for more information.