The primary role of our cheerleading program is to support athletics and school participation in community activities. We will spend the majority of our time developing ways to increase school spirit and crowd involvement at games, pep rallies and other school functions. Cheerleaders will develop responsibility, self-respect, strive for perfection, set goals and work hard to achieve goals. Members of our squad will build self-confidence and take pride in themselves as well as their school.

The squad’s first responsibility is their academic career. Cheerleaders must maintain a passing grade and abide by the expectations and regulations set by the rules, coaches, teachers and principals.

A cheerleader must demonstrate responsibility and leadership at all times. They must promote and maintain good relationships with faculty, administration, student body, and the general public.

Cheerleading is a privilege, not a right, with expectations more rigorous than that of regular students. Cheerleaders must exhibit good taste in appearance and social behavior at and away from school. 

 Forms, Handbooks, and Expectations

PCMS Cheer Expectations

Student Athletic Handbook

E-Alert Instructions

MSHSAA Physical Form

Spirit Manual