General Information

For Your Information

Early Checkout

When a child is ill or has a doctor’s appointment, a parent/guardian or emergency contact person must report to school to sign out that child. When a child is checked out early, a note must be sent to the teacher stating when and why the child will leave. If your child has to be picked up early due to an after school appointment, please pick him/her up by 2:55 p.m. to keep dismissal running smoothly.

Getting Home

Most days children go home the same way, i.e. ride the bus, walk, ride in a car. There will be times, however, when they may go home a different way than usual. When this happens, tell your child prior to school how they will be going home and SEND A NOTE TO THE TEACHER EXPLAINING THE CHANGE. Without a note, we will assume your child will be going home as usual. If you need to make a change during the day you are asked to do so BEFORE 2:15pm. Notes are given to teachers at that time, anything after 2:15pm  may not be possible depending on class schedules  or it would require interrupting the classroom instruction.