Perryville Elementary School Mission Statement

"Everyone Learns Everyday"

Perryville Elementary School Vision Statement

PES is a community of professionals implementing data-driven instruction in a technology-rich environment, which maximizes achievement for all students. The collaborative learning environment at PES enables us to continuously reflect on our past and appreciate today's successes and challenges. We will strive to reach goals that will promote Pirate Pride!

Perryville Elementary School Purpose

The purpose of Perryville Elementary School is to exist to create a community of empowered lifelong learners that achieve desired outcomes within a safe, supportive, and enriched environment.

District Vision Statement

"For Our Kids...For Their Future"

District Mission Statement

“Through a partnership of school, family and community, we will provide a learning environment that facilitates the lifelong learning skills for students, by recognizing each student’s unique gifts to pursue personal goals, character development and academic achievement necessary for a productive and healthy life.”