Parents and Volunteers

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.

~ William James


The district encourages the use of community resources and citizens to assist in furthering the educational program of the school system. One of the greatest resources available may be found in the citizens of the community who have special knowledge and particular talents to contribute to the educational programs by volunteering.

The spirit of donating service/volunteering to the district will be warmly accepted. However, this service must be under the direct control of the district administrative staff and the superintendent of schools.

Administrative Guidelines

• Training (formal/informal) will be provided as deemed necessary.

• Screening of volunteers will be conducted prior to working with any children. (Screening to include reference to Missouri Central Registry and Criminal Records). Anyone identified on the sexual offender list will be prohibited from volunteering.

• The superintendent of schools and/or his/her designee may dismiss volunteers whose performance has been unsatisfactory..

• Volunteers will read (or have read) the volunteer handbook, as they relate to working with students, including the right to confidentiality.

• Volunteers may be recruited on an individual basis or by surveys conducted at each building level and as the need for volunteers arises.

• All volunteers will have a central office file.

In order to promote volunteerism in our schools, it is essential for all school volunteers to adhere to a professional code of ethics. We ask that our volunteers subscribe to the following:

* Be Discreet: Do not discuss classroom situations concerning students within or outside the school.

* Be Dependable: If you come regularly, please let the teacher know if you will be late or absent.

* Be Loyal: To our school, the administration, the staff and the children.

* Be Thoughtful: Volunteers are asked not to bring small children with them as they are sometimes disruptive to the learning process in the classrooms.