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DECA at Leadership Day 2017

Perryville DECA members were among those students who participated in the 2017 Leadership Day hosted by Perryville Area Chamber of Commerce and Robinson Construction.

DECA hosts Spring Fling

Perryville DECA members planned various spring-themed activities for students in grades PK-3 for their annual Spring Fling celebration.

Welcome to DECA, an international association consisting of high school and college students in the marketing, management, and entrepreneurial field of business, finance, hospitality, and marketing sales and service. Our organization prepares emerging leaders and future entrepreneurs in the business field through hands on and community oriented events and activities.

Over sixty years ago, DECA set out with a goal to strengthen and innovated the education and career opportunities for students whom are interested in the marketing, management, and entrepreneurial fields – and they did just that. By joining DECA, you will be on of more than 102,000 members and advisors world wide; all working together for the same purpose: to keep what was started sixty years ago alive and thriving on the same unique qualities business students possess – the drive to be a leader, and to be successful.

DECA runs on four major principles to help YOU become a success. DECA improves preparation for college and for your careers by providing co-curricular programs that are integrated into your business marketing and management classes, by applying learning in the context of business, connecting business and the community, and promoting competition. Through DECA, you will have the skills you need to become an academically prepared, community oriented, professionally responsible, and experienced leader.

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