Virtual Courses/MOCAP

Students may have the option of enrolling in a district-sponsored virtual course if it is determined that this is in the best educational interest of the student.

The principal or designee will educate the student and the student's parents/guardians about how virtual instruction is provided and the key differences between virtual and in-person instruction.

The principal or designee will discuss the virtual course options available to the student, determine which course or courses interest the student and how the course or courses will assist the student in meeting his or her academic and personal goals.

The student and parents must contact the principal to request a review of their current educational situation. A meeting will be scheduled to discuss the student’s educational and career goals as well as extenuating circumstances necessitating this request.

In accordance with state law, the district will pay the cost of the MOCAP virtual cost if the above conditions are met and the student resides in and is enrolled in the district on a full-time basis; and the student has attended a public school or charter school for at least one semester immediately prior to enrolling in a MOCAP course.

PCSD utilizes the Edgenuity online suite of courses for the virtual instructional needs of the district. If district staff determine that it is not in the best educational interest of a student to take a virtual course, that decision will be documented in writing and provided to the student and the parents/guardians.

Reference: MSBA Policy IGCD-AP1