Virtual Courses/MOCAP

 MOCAP program allows Missouri families to enroll K-12 students in virtual courses

In 2018, Senate Bill 603 was passed establishing the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP). MOCAP is intended to provide online courses for all Missouri K-12 students to ensure equitable access to educational programming. Perry County School District 32 Policy IGCD outlines the district’s compliance with this law, and provides details about how enrolling in MOCAP courses or as a full-time student through a MOCAP-approved vendor affects students.

All families in Missouri are welcome to enroll through a Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP) online vendor. The district will pay the tuition for MOCAP courses when required by law to do so but is not otherwise required to pay the tuition for a student to attend a virtual course unless the course is approved by the district as part of the district's course offerings. Students may enroll in single courses or as a full-time student through a MOCAP-approved vendor. Students may also take virtual courses from other sources at their own expense. Before a student independently enrolls in and pays for virtual courses not otherwise accessible through the district, the district recommends that the student meet with district staff to ensure that the course aligns with the student's education goals and that the district will accept the course credit.

The document MOCAP – Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program Guidance for Parents and Students provides the necessary information for enrolling a student in the program and can be found at:

The January 2023 Annual Report on MOCAP by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education can be found at

To discuss your student’s options through MOCAP, please contact their school counselor:

District 32 Counselors