Little Pirates Preschool


Little Pirates Learning Center

The Little Pirates Learning Center is a Preschool program designed to provide children of working parents with a safe, well-supervised atmosphere. The focus of the program is to stimulate development in the areas of social, cognitive, gross and fine motor skills, thereby increasing the child's feeling of self-confidence and self-esteem.

Enrollment is open to preschool children of any social background, racial or ethnic group who are at least 3 to 5 years old. For more information about this program, please contact the Primary Center Office at 547-7500 Ext. 311.

Online Resources

  • Scholastic Book Clubs

    This link will take you to our classroom book order page. Order books online to recieve free books for yourself and the classroom. Reading to your child early in life helps a child grow in many areas of development.


  • StarFall Early Learning Site

    This site is full of preschool games involving letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. This website is also used in the classroom for learning and reviewing concepts taught within the day.


Creative Curriculum in the Little Pirates Classroom

Little Pirates Learning Center implements The Creative Curriculum. Through studies and research, the curriculum is designed to help children grow and learn in cognitive , social/ emotional, physical, and language development. The studies have shown that children learn best through guided play. The teacher's role in the classroom is to play with the children and implement meaningful lessons that will help children grow in these areas of development.

The classroom is divided into different learning centers where children can explore and become engaged in their learning environment. Little Pirates Learning Center has divided their classroom into the following centers:

  1. Block Center
  2. Science Center
  3. Math Center
  4. Dramatic Play
  5. Library
  6. Sensory Table
  7. Art Center
  8. Manipulatives and Games
  9. Outdoor Play
  10. Music & Movement
  11. Writing Center
  12. Literacy Center

Throughout the day, the children are encouraged to participate in learning centers, large group, and small group activities. The goal of The Creative Curriculum classroom is to help the children become confident in themselves and encourage them to play an active role in their individual learning. Learning within the classroom is carried over into the home. The Creative Curriculum recognizes that parents are one of the most active teachers in their child's life. With teacher and parent cooperation, a child's learning environment can only be enriched at school and home. Through careful observations and documentation during the school day, the teachers at Little Pirates Learning Center work as a team to develop evaluations in the areas of development so lessons and activities are developmentally appropriate for your child. With the help from parents, we strive to offer your child the best learning environment possible.

KFVS12 Eat Smart Ceremony Coverage

KFVS12 Highlights Little Pirates Learning Center after recieving Eat Smart Award