Classes resume Monday, Sept. 14

Classes resume Monday, Sept. 14

Message from Superintendent Andy Comstock Thursday, Sept. 10 Dear District Family, I would be a fool if, when presented with new information from DHSS, DESE and our local health...

Parents/guardians invited to conversation on campus

Parents/guardians invited to conversation on campus

Perry County School District 32 will hold a Campus Conversation with parents and guardians of District 32 students on Wednesday, Sept. 16. The event will be held in the PHS Gym, and is limited...

Free Wifi on campus, at buses and through community hotspots

Free Wifi on campus, at buses and through community hotspots

ACCESS FREE WIFI ON CAMPUS, AT BUSES, AND IN COMMUNITY Students can access Perry County School District 32 Student Wifi from: · The Bus Parking Lot · Parking Lot at Perryville...



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District 32 staff designated as “essential workers”
Close contacts to COVID-positive people can come to work with conditions

Teachers and school staff who are identified as close contacts to a COVID-19-positive individual may now come to work under certain conditions.

All District 32 employees were designated as “essential workers” during the special Sept. 16 meeting of the Board of Education.

“On Aug. 18, teachers and school staff were added to the federal-level list of people who can be considered ‘essential critical infrastructure workers,’ said Superintendent Andy Comstock. “Since then, we have found that the state and county will not be issuing orders about essential workers but will defer to local entities to make that designation.

“We have worked closely with Perry County Health Department to ensure that we are adhering to the CDC recommendations for essential workers to keep everyone safe on our campus. The health department will continue to notify us of positive and close contact individuals and provide us with information about isolation or quarantine.”

The board’s action means that District 32 employees who are identified as close contacts after being exposed to COVID-19 WILL be allowed to work on campus in their normal duties if:
• They have no symptoms
• They are not household or physical close contacts
• They wear a 2-ply mask at all times while on campus for 14 days after their last known exposure to COVID-19
• They strictly adhere to physical distancing requirements at all times while on campus for 14 days after their last known exposure to COVID-19

Close contacts who may NOT work on campus are those who:
• Have symptoms of COVID-19
• Have been tested for COVID-19 and are awaiting results
• Live with someone who is positive with COVID-19
• Have had physical contact with someone who is positive with COVID-19

Other staff members, students and parents/caregivers will not be notified when an essential worker has been identified as a close contact, with the exception of the district’s COVID coordinator, the HR coordinator, and the appropriate school nurse.

“Per the health department’s guidance, all staff are performing daily health screenings before reporting to work, including taking their temperatures,” Mr. Comstock said. “An additional health screening will be performed mid-day for close contact staff members. Any staff member who exhibits symptoms of COVID-19 during the school day are sent home.

“This designation by our board will help us reduce the chance that a classroom or building may have to close due to COVID staff absences,” he said. “Our ultimate goal is to keep kids in school, while ensuring the health and safety of staff and students.”

Close contact staff members will not be required to report to work. They may choose to telework if that is possible, or use leave.

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Kate Martin
Kate Martin

Primary classroom transitions to online learning

Sept. 21, 2020 — A classroom of students is learning at home for the next week and a half, after their Perryville Primary Center teacher tested positive for COVID-19.

The teacher reported their positive test result on Friday. The teacher had not been at school since waking up with symptoms on Tuesday morning, said Principal Emily Koenig.

“Because we know that people can be contagious up to 2 days before the onset of their symptoms, and because kindergartners aren’t always able to physically distance appropriately, the entire class was transitioned to online learning,” Mrs. Koenig said.

A substitute teacher will provide the online lessons for the students while the teacher recovers at home. Primary center students are kept in the same small groups at all times, which means no other students were close contacts.

“This aligns with our new focus on keeping as many students and staff in class on campus as safely possible,” said Andy Comstock, superintendent of Perry County School District 32. “While the community is still at the moderately high risk alert level, our building impact was low, and the health department recommended only quarantining this classroom.

“We are confident that our other students at staff are safe at school,” Mr. Comstock said. “We learned during our recent temporary ‘closure’ from Sept. 5-14 that our schools are not contributing to the unknown community spread. All mitigation procedures are still being followed.”

As long as the students from that classroom do not develop symptoms, they will be back on campus on Sept. 29.

Since the first day of school, the health department has reported 35 positive cases of COVID-19 for people who work or learn at District 32, and 117 close contacts.

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Kate Martin
Kate Martin

The new deadline to complete the Census is Oct. 1, 2020.

How the 2020 Census Affects Children

The 2020 Census count impacts the federal funds that communities receive each year for programs and services that are critical for schools, students, and younger children, such as:

--Special education, Head Start, after-school programs, and classroom technology.
--Food assistance, including free and reduced-price school lunches.
--Maternal and child health programs.

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Kate Martin
Kate Martin

Parents and students can find a copy of the 2020-21 Family Handbook, a combined document for all District 32 schools, at

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