Communication arts department awards

PHS presents department awards

Perryville High School ended the 2021-22 school year by presenting department awards during an end-of-the-year assembly. Seniors, who graduated Friday, received their department awards last week and are not pictured.

Business Awards (not pictured in order):

Computer Applications- Dylan Buchheit

Accounting I: Kira Hagan 

Personal Finance: Simon Wibbenmeyer, Kaelyn Goehman

Business Management: Noah Bergman

Business and Personal Law: Carley Schirmer

Transition I: Jake Selby

Transition II: Richard Lopez

Functional Perspectives: Destiny Pulley

Work Experience: Serenity Hunter


Communication Arts (not pictured in order):

English I: Jake Cissell, Lydia (River) Barrows; Reagan Pingel

English I Honors: Wyatt Schremp

English II: Megan Dwyer, Eleanor Maxwell

English II Honors: Kaelyn Goehman

English III: Mariah Bauwens

English IV: Damian Campbell

College Writing: Madison Mueller

Creative Writing: Kaden Dibooglu

Film Analysis: Luke Bell

Mass Media: Teagan Gerler

Speech I: Julie Morris

Speech II: Emily Jundt

World Mythology: Anna Brewer

Applied English: Valeska Feher

Resource English: Kassie Hejnal


Family and Consumer Sciences (not pictured in order):

Interpersonal Relationships: Leah Picou

Child Development: Leah Picou

Foods I: Samantha Ernst

General Foods: Lucy Gilliam

Advanced Child Development: Autumn Zahner

Career Development and Entrepreneurship: Anna Gremaud

Housing and Design: Tegan Bishop


Fine Arts (not pictured in order):

Drawing: Kaylee Davis

Painting: Autumn Warner

Introduction to Art: Katelynn Starr, Lydia (River) Barrows

Ceramics: Chloe Sanders

Sculpture: Aliesza Secoy

Illustration: Anna Baker

Mixed Media: Alayna Richardet

Printmaking: Kiera Arnold

Varsity Band: Isabella Iffert, Phebe Dunker

Band Auxiliary: Serena Schaaf

Chamber Choir: Madison Krauss

Women’s Choir: Valeska Feher

Men’s Choir: Samuel Camarillo


Foreign Language (not pictured in order):

Spanish I: Sophia Buerck, Isabella Iffert, Jayden Rose Stortz

Spanish II: Ana Moll

Spanish III: Angel Mahathath

Spanish IV: Madison Mueller


Math (not pictured in order):

Algebra 1A: Reagan Pingel, Kenzie Weinkein

Algebra 1B: Elizabeth Runge

Algebra I: Josephine Lohmann

Algebra II: Josie Christisen, Ana Moll

Geometry: Savannah Young

Geometry and Measurement: Ethan Schmidt

Algebra III/Trigonometry: Madison Mueller

Math Analysis: Autumn Zahner

Calculus: Kira Hagan

Practical Math: Jacob Reed

Resource Math: Skyler Crites


Physical Education (not pictured in order):

Team Sports: Dayton Strattman, Jeffery Redecker, Xavier Pfaff, Ethan Schmidt

Weight Training: Kyla Schnurbusch, Macy Vincent, Aiden McGarvey, Tyler Weibrecht

Health: Daisy Ernst, Destiny Mudge, Simon Wibbenmeyer


Science (not pictured in order):

Biology I: Jacob Otte, Destiny Mudge, Megan Dwyer

Biology I Honors: Kaelyn Goehman

Biology II: Angel Mahathath

Physical Science: Drake Behrle, Kenzie Weinkein

Physics I: Sofia Buerck, Jake Cissell

Physics II: Carson Adams

Ecology: Kiera Arnold

Forensics: Leah Picou

Wildlife Biology: Ethan Schmidt

Human Anatomy: Anna Brewer

Chemistry I: Alyssa King

Applied Science: Treven Comstock

Social Studies (not pictured in order):

American History I: Gwyn Newbrough, Kathryn Broeking, Russell Giesler, Josephine Lohmann

World History: Josie Christisen, Isabella Iffert, Mason Cochran

Modern American History: Jasmine Muench, Kaelyn Goehman, Ashlynd Yamnitz

Government: Andrew Layton, Anna Brewer, Ryeland Tanz

American History II: Dayton Strattman

Psychology: Kira Hagan

Sociology: Megan Buchheit

Current Events: Trinity Taylor