Perry County School District 32 Belief Statement

We Believe That:

1. We have the responsibility to be good stewards of all resources.

2. Quality education is of significant value.

3. Effective educational practices meet the needs of individual learners.

4. Quality education requires family and community commitment.

5. A productive partnership between family and educators is vital.

6. School pride, community tradition and support are vital.

7. The development of positive character traits is the foundation of growth for the whole child.

Perry County School District 32 Mission Statement

We will empower students to learn and develop responsibility,

attain college and career readiness, and live respectfully throughout their lives.

Perry County School District 32 Vision Statement

Preparing Children to be Successful citizens in a Diverse World

Perry County School District 32 Aspirations for Graduates:

  1. Be successful in college and career;

  2. Be lifelong learners;

  3. Demonstrate positive character;

  4. Be productive and responsible citizens.