SRO Worthing reads to students

School Resource Officer Teresa Worthington is conducting school safety training with second-grade students at Perryville Primary Center. She is reading the book, “I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared!” The book, written by Julia Cook and illustrated by Michelle Hazelwood Hide, presents the ALICE curriculum in an age-appropriate format. ALICE Training is the active shooter response program used by Perry County School District 32, and all staff complete the training prior to the start of school each year. The district’s emergency operations plan includes involving students in conversations like these about potential dangers and conducting intruder drills each semester. SRO Worthington uses the book “I’m Not Scared, I’m Prepared!” which uses non-threatening language for young students. In the story, for instance, the children and teacher are conducting the “Shepherd, Sheep and Wolf” drill to prepare in case a “dangerous someone” comes to school. The children learn to follow their Shepherd to stay away from the Wolf who is in their building. The book emphasizes “Stop-Look-Listen” to stay safe. “It’s important to have these conversations with students,” Worthington said. “We want to take every opportunity available to us to help our students be ready for the unexpected … because there are wolves in the world and we do need to be prepared.”